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Privacy Policy

  • Last modified: 10.05.2023

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The website located at (hereinafter referred to as “website”) is published, owned, and operated by Unicorn Ventures (hereinafter referred to as “Company,” “we,” “us,” and “our”). This Privacy Policy sets forth the manner in which we collect, use, and protect our Users (an individual who is accessing, browsing, navigating on our website and is a subject to the information provided by us, referred to as “User” or “You” or “Your”) personal information, as well as your rights and options regarding the information we hold. We urge you to carefully review this policy to understand how we handle your personal data. By accessing or using our services, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you have any inquiries or concerns about our practices or this policy, please, do not hesitate to contact us.


By exploring, browsing, navigating, using the website or submitting any information or data - you are, hereby, deemed to accept without any prejudice, all the terms and conditions mentioned herein (collectively referred as our “Browse-wrap Agreement” or “Privacy Policy”).

This Privacy Policy is in compliance with the Information Technology Act, 2000, Information Technology Rules, 2011 and applicable laws of India. However, we have put our best efforts to ensure that this Privacy Policy is as per global market benchmarks and standards.

The present Privacy Policy shall be effective starting from 15-08-2023.

This Privacy Policy mentions how we use, disclose, collect or process personal information about you when you visit our website.

Note: The information we collect is directly provided to us by the Users.


This Privacy Policy is a part and parcel of the Terms of Use (ToU). Any words defined in the ToU shall carry the same meaning and understanding here. If any terms which are newly defined here and conflict with any existing term in the ToU, then definition here shall prevail.

We will always seek your consent and permission to collect your personal data. We do not collect any data without receiving input from our Users. This means that whatever data or information we collect is directly provided to us by the User.

We may sometimes provide additional “just-in-time” prompts/notices (such impromptu disclosures, if any, are our best attempts to timely update our Users on any notable changes in the Privacy policy due to the rapid development of Unicorn Venture’s services and the market conditions).

If you do not agree with any aspect of this Privacy Policy, you should immediately discontinue the access, browse, navigate or use this website or Services in any manner.


  • 2.1. The “Information” provided by you to us or collected from you by us may consist of “Personal Information” and “Non-Personal Information”.
    • 2.1.1. Personal Information for the purposes of this Privacy Policy shall refer to (including but not limited to):
      • Your user name along with your password; or
      • Your name; or
      • Your address; or
      • Your telephone number; or
      • Your e-mail address or other contact formation; or
      • Your date of birth; or
      • Your gender; or
      • Any other information that you provide during your registration process, if any, on the website; or
      • Identification code of your communication device which you use to access the website or otherwise deal with us.
  • 2.2. We do not collect any financial information, bank details, identity cards or any other confidential document through this website.
  • 2.3. We do not automatically collect any kind of personally identifiable data/information without the input of the User.
  • 2.4. Personal data is collected during instances when a User:
    • 2.4.1. uses or requests information about our Services; and
    • 2.4.2. subscribes to our marketing communications and e-mail newsletter service; and
    • 2.4.3. requests user support; and
    • 2.4.4. completes a survey; and
    • 2.4.5. signs up for any of our events;
    • 2.4.6. voluntarily shares/inputs any data or information on the website.


  • 3.1. We collect the following data when a user browses or visits our website, (including but not limited to):
    • 3.1.1. Computer or mobile device information; and
    • 3.1.2. Browser from which our domain is accessed and website usage information; and
    • 3.1.3. Operating system of your computer; and
    • 3.1.4. Country from which our website is accessed; and
    • 3.1.5. Name of your internet provider; and
    • 3.1.6. Name and URL of the data accessed; and
    • 3.1.7. Date and time of access; and
    • 3.1.8. IP address of the accessing computer.
  • 3.2. The above mentioned data is generally anonymized with no personal reference and only used to establish connection with the website, to ensure ongoing system security and stability and for statistical purposes. This data is not associated or stored with Personal data. The IP addresses of the accessing computers may be analysed only in the event of an attack on the network infrastructure.
  • 3.3. This shall include any case of suspicion of otherwise unauthorized, improper use of the website and for the sole purposes:
    • 3.3.1. for defence; or
    • 3.3.2. Use for identification purposes in criminal or civil proceedings against the user involved.
  • 3.4. IP address is also used to filter out geographical zones from accessing our Services.


  • 4.1. Cookies are files created by websites you visit. They make your online experience easier by saving browsing information. With cookies, websites can keep you signed in, remember your website preferences, and give you locally relevant content.
  • 4.2. We use the following types of Cookies:
    • 4.2.1. Essential Cookies: Essential Cookies are required for providing you with features or services that you have requested. For example, certain Cookies enable you to log into secure areas of our Services. Disabling these Cookies may make certain features and services unavailable.
    • 4.2.2. Functional Cookies: Functional Cookies are used to record your choices and settings regarding our Services, maintain your preferences over time and recognize you when you return to our Services. These Cookies help us to personalize our content for you, greet you by name and remember your preferences (for example, your choice of language or region).
    • 4.2.3. Performance/Analytical Cookies: Performance/Analytical Cookies allow us to understand how visitors use our Services such as by collecting information about the number of visitors to the Services, what pages visitors view on our Services and how long visitors are viewing pages on the Services. Performance/Analytical Cookies also help us measure the performance of our advertising campaigns in order to help us improve our campaigns and the Services’ content for those who engage with our advertising. In addition to our own Performance/Analytical Cookies, the Services may contain Performance/Analytical Cookies from third party analytics services. You can learn more about these third parties in the “Personal Data Sales Opt-Out and Opt-In” section below.
  • 4.3. Unicorn Ventures uses the above-mentioned type of cookies (these cookies allow us to collect analytics data, remember language settings, and perform other useful functions that provide a good user experience) that interact directly between our Services and your computer. Unicorn Ventures does not track your usage across other applications, websites & operating systems other than the ones used for browsing or using the website. We get information through trusted third-party service providers that track such information. Our service provider(s) may place cookies on the hard drive of your computer and may share legally permitted data that we select to educate ourselves on, including but not limited to:
    • 4.3.1. How visitors navigate around our website; and
    • 4.3.2. What services are browsed; and
    • 4.3.3. General transaction information.
  • 4.4. We share your personal information with third parties to help us use your personal information, for example, we use google analytics to help us understand how our customers use the website, you can read more about how google uses your information here:


  • 5.1. We take all reasonable efforts on technical and organizational security measures to protect your data from being manipulated, lost or accessed by unauthorized third-parties.
  • 5.2. We would like to draw your attention again on the fact that we never ask for financial or payment information, such as your credit card number, passcode, account number or pin number, in an email, text or any other communication that we send to you. Please, always check that any website on which you are asked for financial or payment information in relation to our reservations or Services is operated by us.
  • 5.3. The risk of impersonating hackers exists and should be taken into account when using our website and/or Services.
  • 5.4. If you do receive a suspicious request (including but not limited to):
    • 5.4.1. Spoofing: Spoofing is a technique through which cybercriminal disguises themselves as a known or trusted Source.
    • 5.4.2. Phishing: the fraudulent practice of sending messages purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.
  • 5.5. Any loss, misuse, abuse, breach, infringement or alteration of your data will not be the responsibility of Unicorn Ventures due to the technical and security limitations of the world wide web, web3 and blockchain technology.
  • 5.6. You, hereby, indemnify Unicorn Ventures, its representative, heirs, agents and employees from any and all losses/damages caused to your data as a User of this website.
  • 5.7. You, hereby, also acknowledge that you play a vital role in protecting your data whether personally identifiable or not. You, further, acknowledge that you remain responsible for any and all data/information shared or provided by you as a User on this website.
  • 5.8. Furthermore, we cannot ensure or warrant the security or confidentiality of information you transmit to us or receive from us by the Internet or wireless connection, including email, phone, or SMS, since we have no way of protecting that information once it leaves and until it reaches us.


  • 6.1. Unicorn Ventures complies with all applicable laws and regulations of India.
  • 6.2. We may be compelled to surrender personal user information to legal authorities without express user consent if presented with a court order or similar legal or administrative order, or as required or permitted by the laws, rules, and regulations of any nation, state, or other applicable jurisdiction.
  • 6.3. In the event of any violation of the Terms of Use of the website or a violation of any restriction on use of materials provided in or through the website, we may disclose personal user information to our affected business partners or legal authorities.
  • 6.4. We may transfer or assign this privacy policy and any personal information to a third party entity in connection with a merger, acquisition, consolidation, restructuring, the sale of substantially all of our shares and/or assets, in connection with bankruptcy proceedings, reorganization, or other change of control events.


  • 7.1. We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, you are advised to review this Privacy Policy once in a while for any changes.
  • 7.2. Changes made to this Privacy Policy are effective as soon as they are posted on this page.
  • 7.3. The Company will post notice of any amendment of the Services by revising the “Last Modified” date at the beginning of the applicable document.


  • 8.1. Unicorn Ventures cannot guarantee the achievement of suggested investment objectives or the success of investment strategies. Investing in any opportunity recommended by Unicorn Ventures, as stated on their website, carries a substantial risk, including the possibility of losing the entire invested amount. Any mentioned, referred to, or described investments or portfolio companies do not represent Unicorn Ventures, and there is no assurance that these investments will generate profits or that future investments will yield similar outcomes or possess comparable attributes.
  • 8.2. Please note, that Unicorn Ventures does not take any responsibility and cannot be held liable for any issues arising out of (including but not limited to):
    • 8.2.1. Server failure or data loss during the collection process; or
    • 8.2.2. Corruption of data files collected; or
    • 8.2.3. Unauthorized access to the collected data; or
    • 8.2.4. Misrepresentation of data; or
    • 8.2.5. Hacking; or
    • 8.2.6. Phishing; or
    • 8.2.7. Spoofing; or
    • 8.2.8. DDoS attack.


If you have questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, or if you have a complaint, you should first contact us at:E-mail: